Simplified Wefting System for H/hair and Synthetic fiber

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Contents of the Class for Wefting

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Wefting System-SM1 (CW432-2H or, CW432-2N1N) :
--------- Newt Weight= 162 Kgs Gross Weight=250 Kgs ( in a wooden case)

[ 2 Times of Stitching & 1 Times of Hair (Weft) Folding & 1 Time of Gluing (Bonding) ]

= Output (Productivity) : 4 Meters ~ 2 Meters per Minute.
You can make 4 ~ 2 Meters of weft for 1 minute ( 60 seconds).

= One Table System made of 2 sewing heads and one motor.

= SIMPLIFIED WEFTING SYSTEM ( Same as CW433-3H but without the 3rd sewing head and
the 2nd weft-folding device (which is placed between the 2nd sewing head and the 3rd sewing head of CW433-3H.)

= NOT MUCH COMPLICATE AS CW433-3H (Wefting System-PRO1)

= SIMPLE AND EASY to operate or produce wefts because 2 sewig heads and 6 sewing heads are running
at a time. ( In case of CW433-3H, 3 sewing heads and 8 sewing threads are runing at a time).

for Micro Thin Weft in Synthetic fiber only

= 2 Head Wefting System - made with a sewing head with 2 needles, a sewing head with 1 needle and (3) heating device 
= Used for Synthetic fiber
= Very fine wefts can be made for VERY FINE WIGS FASHION WIGS FOR LADIES
Easy wefting system

< Training Class - 4 days >

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