All weft-sewing machines and Wig sewing machines are made by us, John Korea by reconditioning sewing heads of "Sunstar", "Brother", "Unicorn", Japanese brands, etc and adding & replacing with dozens of specially custom made parts.
By such re-modeling and re-conditioning, we make machines, specially the most important machine, the wefting machines become very suitable for producing Wefts, Wigs, and other Hairpieces in Human Hair or Synthetic Fiber in very fine quality and very high productivity, and keep hair from falling out of the wefts using our manufacturing experience and technical knowledge of wefts and wigs. 

Weft-sewing (Wefting) machine with 3 sewing head on a table (W433-3H) was developed by some Korean sewing machine engineers working in a company for the first time internationally in 1970 in Korea where wig industry was flourishing ( just like China these days).
One of the some engineers has been working with us, John Korea as the chief-trainer in charge of producing machines, developing and up-grading Weft-sewing machines and other Wig machines.
We used to produce wefts, wigs, and toupees, other hair-pieces to export overseas.

Owing to extreme increase of labor cost (wage) around 1988 when Seoul Olympic Games was hold in Korea (The wage of wig factory workers was US$30.00/month in 1977, US$50.00/month in 1982; US$500.00 or more in 1990, more than US$1,000.00 in 1995 <most of big factories moved to China, Indoensia, Vietname, etc>: Average wage of all Korean employees is US$4,000.00/month in 2017), we stopped producing most of Hair-goods and changed to make & supply Equipments and Materials (netting materials, chemicals, etc), and since 2003, we have focused on providing hands-on training courses for overseas people and developing & upgrading machines and chemicals mainly and other materials.

Every day,we are upgrading and developing machines and their accessories, and operation techniques.

Always, we are looking for new items or better materials and accessories to buy and supply internationally.